Episode 30: The Now-Irrelevant NAB 2016 Marathon!

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Get to know Rod and Keith of TechMove

In This Episode…

In Segment 1, Rodney and Keith prepare the TechMove minions for over 3 hours of now irrelevant NAB 2016 show news and interviews

Then in Segment 2, Keith and Rod take us to the NAB Show 2016 Live from Las Vegas

  • Dave Dugdale
  • Came-TV
  • Westcott Lighting
  • Hoodman
  • Convergent Design
  • IO Industries
  • Atomos
  • DJI

Then, in a bonus segment, Keith reviews his first experience with the DJI Phantom 4…

And in the Last Segment, we wrap up our NAB Show Marathon with a few final thoughts.

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