Episode 33: Keith’s 4K Data Explosion + will Rod Take the Plunge?

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Get to know Rod and Keith of TechMove

In This Episode…

In Segment 1, Keith tells Rod about his new stuff such as his sensor cleaning techniques and tools like the Eyelead SCK-1B, his Rokinon 12mm E-Mount and Rokinon 16mm full frame lenses, and his new Fotodiox Fusion ND Throttle Auto EF to E Mount adapter.

Then in Segment 2, Keith tells Rod about his 4K data explosion dilemma and how to deal with his mounting data storage needs with drives like his new Mobius 5-bay RAID enclosure, the new Seagate 8TB Expansion Desktop Drive, and Softraid.

Then in Segment 3, Keith and Rod discuss 3 new and one newish Canon Cameras, the 5Dmk4, the XC15, the C700, and the C300mkII price drop.

In Segment 4, Keith tries to talk Rod off the ledge of ditching his GH1 in favor of something like the Sony A7rii or A6300. Will Rod take the plunge?

Rod and Keith wrap up Episode 33 with a philosophical discussion “Is Micro Four Thirds Dead?”


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2 thoughts on “Episode 33: Keith’s 4K Data Explosion + will Rod Take the Plunge?

  1. Keith I recently updated my FCPX to 10.3 and what a difference. This NLE is faster, stable and much improved with professional audio features. Its ability to handle multiple camera applications is also improved and it might be something you could benefit from. It will be a free upgrade, and it runs very fast on Mac computers. Just a thought.

    • Hi Dennis. I’m seriously considering a switch to FCPX from Premiere Pro. I just feel, at least on my system, that Premiere Pro has a lot of cruft in it and is just not that stable, especially with native, untranscoded 4K. I am still on a FCX 10.3 trial but so far I’m enthused. I’ll be discussing this with Rodney on the next episode of TechMove. Thanks for listening to our rambling and have a good holiday! -Keith

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